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My Story

The Beginning 

     From the young age of 4 I was able to hear things, see things and feel things that were unexplainable. I would try and explain to my parents the knocking I heard on the wall and the girl in the basement quietly calling out my name no louder than a whisper. I would tell them about the time a gust of wind blew by me while I was sitting still in a chair. I asked my mom why the light around her was so bright and to turn it off as it was giving me a headache. I explained about the things I saw in the night; the people always standing at the end of my bed, staring down at me. The girl who was hurt that kept visiting me in the night and the terror I felt from her. I would talk of premonitions and visions that soon after came to be.

     As I got older it turned into cupboard doors opening, furniture moving around the house when I was left alone. It became to be too much. I didn’t know how to handle it; there was no control. I was scared. Those around me didn’t know how to help. I had learned quickly in school not to talk about the things I experienced as it was not ‘normal’. I was teased often and made fun of for it. So, I learned to hide this part of myself from the world.

     My parents didn’t know how to help me so they called the priest and asked him to stop me from being able to see and feel the things I did. I was told to turn it off, to ignore it and tuck it away. I was told to be normal like all the other kids. I wanted to be normal, to be accepted, I didn’t want to be seen as the sensitive one, or the problem child. So I prayed to God and asked him to fix me.  

Living a 'normal' life

     For many years I tried to ignore the extra abilities I had. I didn’t talk about it with others; not sharing the things I had seen and felt from such a young age. Premonitions and visions grew stronger as I got older. Always in my head I found myself seeing what was to come like a movie, and fear gripped me. I was paralyzed until the vision was finished. In school or at work this was seen as daydreaming; people thought I was in my own little world.

     Over time my body started shutting down. See I had been shutting down my chakras (energy centers in the body). Due to this I became very sick. I suffered from unexplainable stomach problems for years, landing me in the hospital constantly. Doctors and nurses tested me only to find physically I seemed normal. There was excruciating pain in my body that was slowly crippling me. Working a job wasn't an option. I had to move home so my parents could take care of me. I was told by a specialist that this was my life now and I needed to accept it... but I couldn't. 

When It All Changed

     When the pain became manageable, the stress and worry subsided; I eventually got back to work, a home, a life. Though It didn’t take long before I began to question things. I remember asking my sister if this was it to life? I was unhappy, I felt like something was missing. It wasn’t long after that when I met someone who asked me what I was doing with my life. She said “You have a much bigger purpose. Why did you turn it off? Learn how to control it, learn how to work with the souls on the other side and watch how life will change for you.” That day I was sitting at the kitchen table, it was the first time I met my 3 main Spirit Guides and it changed my life. A fire within me began to burn brightly. I couldn’t turn it off for weeks. There was a constant connection to my guides. I was asking them all kinds of questions. They were showing me things and explaining things about my past. All my questions were suddenly answered. I made an oath that from that day forward I would work and be of service to others.

     Over the span of 7 years, I have met with hundreds of people all around the world, connecting them with their spirit guides. I explain about the support system surrounding them on the other side of the veil. Through readings I am able to help people connect, feel supported by their guides and find clarity in their own lives.

     Today I am physically the strongest I have ever been in my life. I no longer have stomach issues and the pain that once crippled me is now a distant memory. Learning about my chakras and energy has also changed my life. Through my healing journey I became a Registered and Certified Reiki Master Teacher. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the healing energy of Reiki. In 2018 I became certified in Indie Head Massage. I wanted to be able to help people heal the mind, body and soul.

     I have made it my mission to spread awareness of our spirit guides to as many people as I possibly can. When we open ourselves up to their guidance and wisdom, when we can let go and trust, our lives can change. I want to help people in this world who are suffering from their own abilities as I once did. I don’t want people to be afraid of being different, but embrace it with your whole being because that’s how God made you. You are beautiful just as you are. I want to teach people how to take control over their abilities and let it change their lives the way it did mine. There may be people around you who don’t understand you, who don’t know how to help you… so let me teach you how I did it.

We can work together. 

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