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     Some believe true meditation is the absence or loss of thoughts, where the mind is empty. A simple idea but not always a simple thing for people to accomplish. When we are faced with hectic schedules, work life, school, relationships etc. we begin to experience a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. If we don’t have a way to sort through these things it becomes harder and harder for us to find direction, peace, and ultimately clarity. Meditation or letting go of our thoughts and emotions is the tool to find our path, and become our most authentic self.

     Meditation is an important skill I have been trying to master for years. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to hold such a strong connection to the spirts and energy around me. Part breath and another visualization, I have learned to help not only myself but others let go of what no longer serves them and have clarity to find what does serve them.

Group Meditations

     There is something to say about getting together as a group and focusing your energy on the same thing. It’s like watching a wave wash over everyone. Feeling the energy at the start of the session compared to the sense of calm in everyone at the end of it is just beautiful. The energy in the room changes; it becomes more supportive and higher vibrating.

     When meditating in a group it helps with motivation and developing a habit.

     We have people attending my group meditations that are experienced, who have been practicing meditation every day for years. Then there are others who are new to meditation which is also great because my meditations are guided. Its supportive for people who aren’t really sure what to do, don’t know what to expect or even what type of meditation they like. Trying different meditation methods helps you find what works best for you.

     During my guided meditations we focus on breath work and visualization meditations. My husband Jordan and I walk around to each person in the group and support them by offering Reiki.

     Its known that there is power in numbers.

     I also offer private group meditations for businesses looking to encourage mindfulness in the workplace or  friends and family simply looking for their own private session. (Minimum 4 people)

Group Meditations - $25 per person/hr.

One on One Meditations

     One on one meditations are offered for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable joining the group meditations. It is for anyone that's wanting to hold space for themselves without worrying about others around them or even those that are in other parts of the world and can't be here in person.

Online - $30/hr

In Person - $40/hr

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