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I've been a client of Channing's for reiki and readings for the past few years. During this time, she has helped me greatly by guiding me in both my personal life and my spiritual side. 

I've found I am more at peace than I've ever been and feel very grounded. She is correct in her readings every time.
I can't put into words what this has done for me and my family.

- Margaret

Thank you couldn't possibly be enough to express my gratitude for everything you have shared with me during my readings. 

Every reading has been incredibly accurate and mind blowing!!! You were able to provide me with much needed peace and confirmation of things that I knew but needed to know more about. 

Your abilities amaze me!!! I am now connecting with my guides and look forward to learning more and more in future readings. Bless you and this extraordinary gift.

For those of you who are skeptics, you won't be once you have had a reading by Channing!!! Whether it is in person or Via Skype, she is exceptionally gifted. You won't be disappointed! 
- Kim

After being a client for many years the word that comes to my mind first to describe Channing is amazing! Channing has had a huge impact on my life and holds a special place in my heart. Her ability to obtain the information from my guides in combination with her wisdom to help me apply it to my daily life has been invaluable.

 Channing's monthly meditations have helped me to feel uplifted and connected. It brings an internal peace and lightness that I had never felt before.

- Wendy

Channing Young is a gifted intuitive reader who introduced me to my Spirit Guides. I always knew I was not totally alone in this world, and Channing not only verified my personal belief when she communicated with my Spirit Guides, she relayed accurate details and striking messages. Channing taught me how to communicate with my guides directly and has been resourceful, inspiring, and very supportive in helping me realize how invaluable my Guides are to me. I am deeply grateful to have Channing in my life.

- Margherita Sciacca, Windsor, Ontario

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