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Space & Business Clearings

Space Clearings

     Did you know that space holds energy just like people do? When we go out and about in our day, we bring energy home with us. Did you know that the four walls surrounding you, protecting you from the outside world can become overwhelmed with energy? This old, stale, stuck energy can become trapped. When we come home after a long day, we are susceptible to that energy. We can pick it up and carry it leaving us to feel overwhelmed, stressed, fatigued and heavy.

     Just buy a new home? Excited to move in? Awesome! Make sure to have it cleared. When you move into a new apartment or home you enter into someone else’s energy build up. All the people who have lived there before you to be exact. You mix your energies with theirs. It’s easy to pick up overwhelm, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Even the land the home is built on holds energy. Think of all the people over the centuries that have laid their head there, been buried there or in some cases fought battles there.

     Past souls can hold a bond with the land as well. Sometimes they want to watch over and protect the land. Ever have an eery feeling? Like someone is watching over you, cupboards open for no reason, see shadows or even hear voices at random times? It’s more common than you think.

Business Clearings

     Have trouble concentrating? Feeling exhausted and fatigued when at work? Feel like you’ve hit a creative block? Is your business struggling? Having trouble bringing in new clientele? Does your business have a heavy feeling to it? Let’s clear it!

What you can Expect

     I usually do my space clearings with my husband Jordan. We start by setting the intent together as a group. We set the intent to clear away the low vibrating energies and to replace them with loving ones. We personalize it to the family or business with what they would like supporting them moving forward.

     I connect with the energy of the home or business and see what/who is connected to it. I clear all souls and set up protective boundaries moving forward. Jordan walks around from room to room and clears the space with sage. The theory is an ancient Native American one where the negative energy attaches to the smoke from the sage and is carried out of the home or business through an open window. 

House Clearing - $60
Business Clearing - $60 and up based on size

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